Add Patterns to Your Leather with Laser Etching

With laser etching, lasers are used to burnish the surface of the leather to create beautiful patterns and designs.The ordering process is easy. Simply select the leather, color, and pattern. For a subtle appearance, we recommend selecting a darker color leather. For a more bold look with high contrast, choose a lighter color leather. Laser etching is done on 70″ x 50″ center cut pieces of leather. Garrett Leather offers two standard options of laser etching.

With Custom Color Matching, You Get Exactly What You Need

While Garrett Leather maintains an extensive inventory, we also offer a variety of custom services, including color matching. If you cannot find the exact color that you need from our everyday offerings, please contact us. In most cases, we can make precisely what you need. The process is easy and we’ll help you every step of the way. We begin with what we have as a starting point. From there, we can determine what color is needed. For example, sometimes we have the perfect color, but it is not in the right product for your application. We will work with you to create the exact color

You Now have Hundreds of Color Options for Caiman Leather

Caiman is an accentuated, deeply embossed reptile pattern that is applied to upholstery leather for added texture. Whether for seating, furniture, or even wall coverings, this pattern brings any interior to life. Previously, Garrett Leather only offered this pattern on limited colors on our Distressed and Vintage collections. Due to popular demand, it is now part of our Impress collection, giving interior designers hundreds of addi

Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary: An American Dream Come True

The owner of Garrett Leather started the company on the third floor of his home. The name Garrett is from the old English word for “attic”. Today, our corporate headquarters are located in an 80,000 square foot distribution center in Buffalo, New York. Garrett Leather has grown into a global brand with customers in more than 25 countries on six continents. It is a classic American Dream success story. How did Garrett Leather grow and thrive over the past 30 years? By always putting our valued customers first.

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Design Trends: A Review of 2017

We are privileged to work with some of the most talented designers in the world. Let’s look back and review the design trends that our valued customers incorporated into their beautiful projects. Here is a list of the top design trends from 2017.

Creative Wall Applications

Leather is not limited to furniture applications. Designers often use leather for numerous vertical applications, including bar fronts, doors, and especially walls. In 2016, Garrett Leather won the Best of Year Award for our leather wall applications. Designers continued to use leather f

Waterproof Leather: A Buyer’s Guide

Leather is a beautiful option for areas such as yacht interiors, summer homes, and beach-side resorts. Create beautiful spaces worry-free with waterproof leather. Here are some helpful tips to help you select the best option.

Waterproof Leather vs Vinyl

There is no reason to shy away from using leather, especially waterproof leather, for spaces that are subject to the elements. Leather is an excellent textile to use for multiple applications, including outdoor use. While vinyl is a low-cost option, it may not always be the best solution. Below is a side-by-s

Garrett Leather Earns ISO 9001 Certification

Garrett Leather recently earned ISO 9001 Certification for our Quality Management System. ISO refers to the International Standards Organization, which is an independent, non-government international group. It was established in 1946 to coordinate and unify industrial standards. ISO 9001 Certification sets the criteria for a customer-focused quality management system.

Leather Suppliers: Top 10 Reasons to Change

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing leather suppliers. To help, here are 10 reasons to re-evaluate your leather supplier and work with Garrett Leather.

10. Missing Deadlines

Time is valuable. While you are often faced with tight time constraints, looming deadlines, and production schedules, your leather supplier should help ease the pressure, not add to it. If you are stressed about long lead times and potentially missing deadlines, then it’s time to change leather suppliers. Most of us don’t have the luxury of waiting 6 to 12 wee