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Arri is Italian leather with a smooth, consistent grain. Arri hides have a subtle capra grain and hair follicle pattern, and a durable finish that passes strict automotive standards.

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Avion's soft tones and subtle grain pattern are sure to enhance any interior. These supple and durable hides are appropriate for all upholstery applications.

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The subtle enhanced grain applied to these hides allows for higher cutting yields. A popular, economic leather offering good durability and excellent resistance to wear.

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Cadence provides exceptional value with a consistent, uniform grain, which allows for superior cutting yields with very little waste.

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Caiman is an exotic reptile pattern that is embossed on Garrett Distressed and Vintage.

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Well-known for its soft hand, Caressa offers the delicate feel of calf, with the higher cutting yield of cowhide. The light finish and subtle sheen on these Italian hides accentuate the beauty of full grain leather.

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These superior, extra large Italian cowhides are known for quality.  This full grain leather has a durable, yet breathable finish, making it one of Garrett's best-selling products.

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Classic, Italian patent leather is a style that will endure for generations.  Special finishing techniques are used in the production of DiModa to create a smooth, high gloss appearance.

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DiModa Cobra

Italian patent leather with an exotic reptile pattern. DiModa Cobra hides are staked and cut, then drummed with water and dye to color the areas where cut, before receiving the final topcoat.

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DiModa Gatora

Italian patent leather for the next generation, with a contemporary alligator pattern. DiModa Gatora hides spend several hours tumbling in the drum to add softness, and to add depth to the pattern.

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Natural markings give Garrett's Distressed leather a comfortable, well-worn character. Additional marks and scratches will appear with use and a beautiful patina will develop over time.

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Each hide is hand-antiqued, creating a beautiful mottled effect. The high sheen surface and spill-resistant finish make this leather suitable for even the highest traffic areas.

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Garrett Leather's Impress line is produced using a combination of heat and pressure to emboss specific patterns on leather.

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Kenya's large cutting yield and luxurious feel provide an elegant alternative to standard leather and smaller suedes. Water and stain repellents are added during the tanning process to provide added protection.

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Full grain, Italian hides are vegetable and chromium tanned with an organic natural finish. These large hides are heat-rolled and vacuum dried to produce a tight grain and high sheen surface.

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Maximize your cutting yields with the consistent grain and large hide sizes of Italian Mazzi. Mazzi hides have the popular selva pattern and durable finish that passes strict automotive standards.

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Garrett's Mystique line is created using sizable Italian bull hides, which offer a stronger, more dense fiber structure than cowhide.

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Mystique Croco

These large, Italian bull hides are embossed with an exotic crocodile pattern prior to the "hand-tipping" process. Mystique Croco is available in both whole and half hides.

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Native is Italian leather that is hand-buffed to create a rugged texture and mottled appearance.

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Newport Club

Newport Club is mineral tanned to create the soft feel and vegetable re-tanned to provide a more full, dense feeling leather. The heavier weight helps maintain the beautiful, natural grain.

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Pearlessence is a full grain, Italian semi-aniline leather with a smooth grain. A beautiful pearl finish is applied, giving each hide a refined shimmer.

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Any Garrett leather may be perforated. All perforating is done in half hide increments with a ten day lead time.

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Used for pilot seats, automotive seats, and as throw rugs in finer residences. Garrett's genuine, plush sheepskin are sold by the whole skin.

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Eliminate the stress of working with half hide sizes and unattractive plate marks. Shagarrett is the only full grain, stingray embossed, Italian leather available in full hides, with no unsightly plate lines.

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Sierra represents leather in its purest form. Pure aniline dyes and surface waxes highlight nature's signature on every hide. Striations commonly run throughout Sierra.

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These wonderful "hair-on" hides are used for rugs, wall hangings, and furniture upholstery.

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Garrett Leather offers both Tex 70 and Tex 210 thread.

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Inspired by the glorious mountain landscape of the Turin region of Italy ("Torino" in Italian), Garrett's new Torino product has a rich hand and a welcoming texture.

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Tubular Wovens

Garrett's Tubular Wovens are meticulously braided, with no unsightly seams.
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Vintage is a full grain leather with a light "pull-up" effect and a glossy, transparent finish. These hides are chromium tanned and vegetable re-tanned to produce full-bodied leather.

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Wall Panels & Wall Tiles

Garrett Leather offers a variety of wall panel styles in every Garrett leather, providing designers the freedom to create truly custom interiors.

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Garrett Welt may be used as trim around furniture, cushions and pillows.

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All Garrett Wovens are made from 100% vegetable tanned, Italian full grain leather. All patterns are available in 54 inch width, and are cotton fabric backed for extra durability.

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