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Preventing Wrinkles on Leather Seats

Most furniture will puddle in the seats with use, but it’s what’s in the core that will dictate how much puddle you get. Regular (low density) foam rubber and down will puddle the most. To prevent puddling, high density foam is better, though the best cushion core options are called a spring loft or spring fiber. These cushions not only have foam, but they also have springs in the seat core itself. These work very much like a mattress would. Once you get up, they will spring back to retain the original shape, not allowing a puddle to be created.

Some folks call puddling comfort wrinkles and yes, they will develop over time if you buy a softer seat core or cushion and a really soft leather. A good informed upholsterer or manufacturer can help you with the right seat cushion for you if you mention your concern. You can always expect this to happen when the seat core is too soft or when down is used. Not all leather furniture will show puddling. It’s all in the seat cushion core and the leather you select.

Wrinkles on Leather Seats


No puddling

No Puddling

What To Do if Puddling Occurs

Responses to puddling vary depending on the style of furniture and interior setting. To some, wrinkles in the seat and back cushions are natural occurrences that are accepted and even embraced for the relaxed, worn comfort that the leather exhibits. The puddling is simply left alone. To others, a smooth, refined look is important and puddling is seen as a negative. The best way to handle puddling when it occurs is to remove the cushions and “fluff” them, similar to fluffing a pillow. This action returns airflow to the cushion and helps the leather to retain its original shape. It is also best to flip the cushions periodically to mitigate the wear pattern. If the cushions are not removable, the best approach may be to contact an upholsterer to resew the leather more tightly around the frame.

How to Prevent Wrinkles on Leather Seats (AKA Puddling)

If puddling is a concern, it is always best to speak with your designer or upholsterer ahead of time, before the furniture is made. The best way to prevent puddling is to use a firm, sturdy foam with springs in a design that pulls the leather taught over the filling in order to provide sufficient support. The amount of puddling that occurs is mostly determined by the manner in which the furniture is upholstered and not by the type of leather that is used.