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Everything You Need To Know About Laser Etching

Laser etching is an elegant way to add pattern and texture to your leather. Designers have used etched leather for ottomans, seating, headrests in private aircraft, wall coverings in hotels, and more. Etched designs may include detailed images, geometric patterns, logos and branding, words, or just about anything that your imagination can create.

What is Laser Etching?

Laser etching is a process that uses lasers to singe designs onto the surface of leather. The singed areas can vary in size, color and thickness, depending on the artwork and the type of leather used. Laser et

How Leather Contributes to Health and Wellness

Health and wellness have come to the forefront of everyone’s mind. After spending weeks in quarantine, we cautiously emerge with a greater appreciation of our personal health. We have heightened concern about the wellness of our overall community. As a result, we return to work with new safety protocols in place and maintain a safe, social distance.

As we design new spaces, we are paying closer attention to the materials we choose. Leather has been used for centuries and is known for its durability and longevity. With the new challenges we face t

Why Specifying Garrett Leather is Good for the Environment

Under the influences of the COVID-19 outbreak, now more than ever, we are in tune with our surroundings. Designers today are more aware of the choices they make and the impact those choices have on our immediate surroundings, as well as on the environment as a whole. Likewise, it is our corporate responsibility to focus on how our business practices influence the environment. We uphold high standards on not only the quality of our products, but the business practices of our vendors and the impact they have on our environment. As a result, we are very selective about how and where our leathe

Get Cozy with Three Types of Sheepskin

February is the perfect month to get cozy with one of our three types of genuine Sheepskin. Sheepskin is a great option for all seasons because it stays cool in the summer and provides warmth in the winter. With winter in full swing and cabin fever at its height, our three types of Sheepskin provide the perfect remedy for the winter blues. This versatile product is used for furniture upholstery and ottomans, pilot seats, automotive and motor coach seats, as well as throw rugs in finer residences. It is naturally fla

By-Products of the Meat Industry That May Surprise You

Our leather is a by-product of the meat industry. Meat production and consumption worldwide is at staggering levels. There are more people to feed and as incomes rise, more people can afford to buy meat.

Farmers do not raise cows to sell the hides. Beef is the primary product, accounting for an average of 60% of the animal. Leather, on the other hand, accounts for an average of just 7% of the animal. What happens to the remaining 33%? Just about all of it is used and in a surprising array

Deck the Walls with Leather Wallcoverings

More designers are embracing the versatility of leather wallcoverings. Leather vertical applications are not just for private residences. We are seeing them in corporate offices, executive boardrooms, reception areas, and restaurants. Thank you to all of the talented designers who looked beyond traditional materials and choose Garrett Leather to help create these inspirational interiors.

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Saddle Leather: What is it and how can you use it?

Saddle Leather is a unique product that you may use for a variety of upholstery applications. It is heavier and thicker compared to most upholstery leathers. Some people may be intimidated by its thickness, however, its thickness does not limit its use. On the contrary, it is very versatile. So, put aside your fears. Let’s look into how our Saddle Leather is made and how you can use it for your next project.

A Comparison of Abrasion Tests for Upholstery

Clients frequently ask how leather will perform over time, especially when they are considering using it in high traffic areas. Many manufacturers conduct different abrasion tests on materials to gauge how a material will wear. Clients looking to use leather often refer to these test results to help determine what product is best for their application. Let’s compare three popular types of abrasion tests.

Wyzenbeek Testing for Fabrics

Many manufacturers use the Wyzenbeek Test to measure the abrasion resistance of fabrics. For the Wyzenbeek Test, an operator secures piec

Accurate Definitions of Leather Grain

Leather grain refers to the composition and appearance of the hide. It is similar to wood grain, which refers to the texture and appearance of wood fibers.  Unfortunately with leather grain, there is a lot of misinformation. In addition to inaccurate definitions, there are false claims regarding durability. We are here to help you learn the proper definitions and gain a full understanding of leather grain.

Top grain = the uppermost layer of the hide. Period.

Top grain refers to the composition of the hide. Some people equate top grain