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Deck the Walls with Leather Wallcoverings

More designers are embracing the versatility of leather wallcoverings. Leather vertical applications are not just for private residences. We are seeing them in corporate offices, executive boardrooms, reception areas, and restaurants. Thank you to all of the talented designers who looked beyond traditional materials and choose Garrett Leather to help create these inspirational interiors.

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Design Trends: A Review of 2017

We are privileged to work with some of the most talented designers in the world. Let’s look back and review the design trends that our valued customers incorporated into their beautiful projects. Here is a list of the top design trends from 2017.

Creative Wall Applications

Leather is not limited to furniture applications. Designers often use leather for numerous vertical applications, including bar fronts, doors, and especially walls. In 2016, Garrett Leather won the Best of Year Award for our leather wall applications. Designers continued to use leather f