Celebrating 25 Years of Leather Expertise

Customers worldwide turn to Garrett Leather for leather expertise, superior quality, and exceptional service. As Garrett Leather celebrates 25 years, our commitment to our customers remains unchanged.


It takes extraordinary people to build a successful and thriving business. Congratulations to ALL employees of Garrett Leather, especially to our “senior” team members, who have remained loyal for over a decade.

Jennifer Coleman, Director of Aviation Sales – 22 years

Jeffery Vogel, General Manager – 22 years

Bridget Forth, Vice President of Finance – 18 years

James Carter, Shipping – 18 years

Roberta Sand, Marketing Director – 17 years

Paul Rose, Custom Specialist – 17 years

Bridie Adamiec, Sampling Manager – 15 years

Michelle Nasca, Customer Service Manager – 13 years

Danielle Jones, International Account Manager – 13 years

A special tribute to Cameron Brown, the founder, owner and current Chairman of the Board of Garrett Leather, for his vision, leadership, dedication and generosity over the past quarter century.

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