With Custom Color Matching, You Get Exactly What You Need

While Garrett Leather maintains an extensive inventory, we also offer a variety of custom services, including color matching. If you cannot find the exact color that you need from our everyday offerings, please contact us. In most cases, we can make precisely what you need. The process is easy and we’ll help you every step of the way. We begin with what we have as a starting point. From there, we can determine what color is needed. For example, sometimes we have the perfect color, but it is not in the right product for your application. We will work with you to create the exact color in the product you need.

Color Matching Success Stories

A designer originally specified Kenya Clove for hotel headboards. We suggested a more durable product for this specific application. Consequently, we made the same color in Torino, a water-proof and UV protected leather. Torino also has a 50% lower price point than the original spec. The customer was happy with the final product, savings, and superior durability.

Kenya Clove Nubuck Leather

Original spec was for Kenya Clove

Torino Clove to match Kenya Clove

Torino Clove










Pearlessence Carbon was the perfect color for Steelcase executive seating in a corporate boardroom in New York City, but the designer requested leather with pebble grain. As a result, we matched the Carbon color in our Cadence leather, which has a consistent pebble grain and exceptional durability. The designer was thrilled with the final results.

Pearlessence Carbon

Pearlessence Carbon

Cadence Carbon to match Pearlessence Carbon

Cadence Carbon










An aviation designer wanted the color of Flight Carolina Gull in a full grain leather for a Gulfstream G650. Per our customer’s request, we made the same color in our Chatham collection, a full grain leather with superior durability that meets strict FAR requirements and is suitable for high traffic areas.

Flight Carolina Gull

Flight Carolina Gull

Chatham Carolina Gull to match Flight Carolina Gull

Chatham Carolina Gull










If you find a shagreen color that you like, send it to us to match. We’ll make it in our Shagarrett collection, so you can have the color you want in full hides, without any plate lines.

Custom Shagarrett Smokey

Custom Shagarrett Smokey


Have a brand new color that you would like us to match? Send us a sample. Here is an example of a Pearlessence color that we made for one of our customers.

Pearlessence Rosegold

Adding A Pearl Finish

In addition to matching colors, we can add a pearl finish to any of our semi-aniline products, including Shagarrett. Shagarrett is our stingray embossed leather in full hides with no plate lines.


Pearlized Shagarrett Mineral

Pearlized Shagarrett Ray










We can match colors between different product lines, competitor’s samples, or even fabric, carpet, or veneer samples. In many cases, there is only a one hide minimum purchase required. So, if you need a specific color and you want the best quality and service, contact us.




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