Design Trends: A Review of 2017

We are privileged to work with some of the most talented designers in the world. Let’s look back and review the design trends that our valued customers incorporated into their beautiful projects. Here is a list of the top design trends from 2017.

Creative Wall Applications

Leather is not limited to furniture applications. Designers often use leather for numerous vertical applications, including bar fronts, doors, and especially walls. In 2016, Garrett Leather won the Best of Year Award for our leather wall applications. Designers continued to use leather for creative wall applications throughout 2017. Leather Wall Panels and Wall Tiles are popular for both the aesthetic and acoustical properties. In addition, designers have more creative freedom. They can specify Wall Panels in over 600 leather colors with options such as detailed stitching, padding, tufted buttons, and beveled edges. We have enjoyed working on projects for corporate offices, hotel lobbies, and private residences. We expect this design trend to continue well into next year and beyond.


 Gotta Have Glamour

Many customers asked us for a longer fleece Sheepskin, so we delivered. Nothing gets the creative juices flowing more than feeling a material that is so soft and inviting, you just cannot let it go. Designers use our Glam Sheepskin for pillows, as area rugs, and for furniture upholstery. It’s one hot design trend that adds glamour and style to any room setting.


Keeping It Real

The demand for natural materials continues to grow. Again, we listened when our customers requested a new rich leather with an authentic look. In this fast-paced world, one thing that is constant is change. In this spirit, we developed a pull-up leather that evolves as it is used. Each hide shows variations of light and dark areas as it is handled, stretched, and pulled.  In addition, designers can use genuine leather for yachts, summer homes, and beach-side resorts. Our Torino collection has a durable waterproof and anti-bacterial finish. While vinyl and other man-made fabrics can crack and wear out, genuine leather ages beautifully and improves over time.


Neutrals Still Rule

While bright hues and jewel tones add beautiful splashes of color, neutrals continue to reign supreme. Warm grays, taupes, and creams show no signs of slowing down. These popular hues aren’t just for aviation interiors. Their versatility extends across many design settings and genres. This past year, we have seen a higher demand for neutral colors, especially in the warmer tones. One design trend that we have seen emerge is the use of high contrast color palettes, including the classic black and white combination. For a more creative spin, designers often prefer to incorporate texture as an added design element. Embossing leather is an easy way to add various types of texture to any leather color.


 A Look Ahead

We are very excited for next year, as 2018 marks our 30th anniversary! We continue to stay abreast of design trends, work closely with our customers, and listen to your needs. Please contact us to discuss your next project. And if you have any suggestions for products that you would like to see us add to our collection, we are always listening. We look forward to working with you and your creative team.


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