Don’t be Sheepish About Sheepskin


Sheepskin: Shingle | White | Dorado











As temperatures begin to fall, we turn to our wool jackets, cozy wool sweaters, soft wool socks, and sheepskin-lined boots to keep us warm. Sheepskin is appearing everywhere on the fashion scene. Naturally, we are happy to see this fashion trend spill into the interior design arena as well. With its comfort, versatility, and easy maintenance, there’s no reason to be sheepish about sheepskin. Continue reading to learn more about its benefits and why it is being selected for various applications across multiple industries.

Sheepskin for Interiors

Sheepskin is widely used in aviation interiors, specifically for pilot seats. Genuine sheepskin provides extraordinary comfort and it remains cool during the summer heat and warm during the cold winter months.

With its modern day popularity, sheepskin is finding its way into other interior design applications as well. It provides a soft, warm, inviting texture to any room setting. This versatile product may be used as an upholstery textile for both contemporary and traditional seating, ottomans, pillows, as a natural throw rug, as a larger area rug, and even as wall coverings!

Sydney_Chair_Sheepskin _Dorado

Sydney Chair by Brett Design Inc. | Dorado

VanderKloot_ Upholstery_Ottoman__Sheepskin_Curly_Kenya

VanderKloot Upholstery | Ottoman | Bamboo Curly with Kenya Clove


Jasmin Reese Interiors


66″ Diameter | White with Cadance Swan Binding


8×4″ and 4×4″ | Wall Tiles | Beige and Curly Beige

Sheepskin offers many benefits. In addition to its alluring softness,sheepskin is naturally flame resistant and passes many industry flammability requirements without needing any further treatment. Spills may be blotted with a dry, clean cloth and dried-on soils may be removed by lightly brushing the fleece. Furthermore, designers may vary looks and textures by combining both straight, ironed fleece with naturally curly fleece.


Auto Gray Curly


Auto Gray


Garrett Leather offers genuine Sheepskin in both straight and curly fleece in a wide array of colors. Shop our entire Sheepskin collection. Remember, VIP members may check prices and inventory anytime online. If you are not a member, apply today!

4 thoughts on “Don’t be Sheepish About Sheepskin

  1. Nash Rich

    I didn’t realize how much sheep skin is used in products I probably see everyday. I also didn’t know it was naturally flame resistant. I would have thought the complete opposite, so that’s pretty cool. Thanks for teaching me something new today.

  2. Zequek Estrada

    I didn’t know that sheepskin was used specifically for pilot seats. I feel like I learn something new every day. I wouldn’t mind having my chair at work for my shoes made out of it. It sounds comfortable.


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