The Evolution of Avion: How Aviation’s Favorite Leather Became a Top-Selling Product

We originally developed Avion for aircraft interiors. This soft leather has a uniform grain and a durable finish. It is ideal for high traffic areas. We introduced the collection with 20 colors based on recommendations from our customers and it quickly became a top-selling product. After just two years, we more than doubled the size of the collection by adding 30 more colors. Today, Avion continues to be a customer-favorite across multiple industries for numerous reasons.

The 20 original Avion colors

Extensive Color Options 

Due to growing demand, we introduced 15 more colors this year.

The 15 NEW Avion Colors

Avion is now our largest leather collection with 80 different hues. All of the colors are based on customers’ requests and some of the colors are from previous custom orders. Since we added these custom colors to our collection, you don’t have to worry about long production lead times.  Now, you can receive leather right away, which saves precious time and money.

Fast Delivery

It is costly to have an aircraft grounded for an extended period of time. We understand the importance of shipping products quickly in order to meet tight production schedules and deadlines. In the fast-paced world of aviation, quick shipment is imperative. Previously, we treated hides one-at-a-time to pass aviation flammability requirements. Treating individual hides delays shipping because the hides have to fully dry before we can pack them. With Avion, we can ship flame treated leather immediately, without delays.

We treat all colors of Avion during the tanning process to meet FAA and international flammability specifications. This proactive manufacturing approach eliminates the wait for flame treated leather. In fact, Avion is part of our Guaranteed In Stock program. If you need leather quickly, look no further. We strengthened our reputation for going above and beyond for each and every customer by shipping “on demand”, without sacrificing quality.


Superior Quality and Durability

Avion is readily available to meet tight deadlines, while maintaining the highest quality standards. It is known for its soft hand, consistent grain, and durable finish and can withstand the demands of high traffic areas. These requirements are challenging to meet, especially for leather that is flame-treated. We originally worked with tanneries in Germany when we introduced Avion almost 20 years ago. Customers loved it and our supplier at the time had difficulty meeting the high demand. As a result, we moved production to Italy to uphold our high quality standards on a consistent basis.

Avion: Rouge, Wicker, Macadamia, and Otter

 Maximum Cutting Yields

Today, we continue to work with tanneries in Italy and use large European hides. Avion has the softness of a full grain with the consistency of an enhanced grain leather. The large hide sizes, combined with the consistent grain, results in maximum cutting yields. Customers have reported up to 90%+ cutting yields with Avion. Higher cutting yields means minimal waste and maximum value.

Avion is a top-selling product across multiple industries. It is an ideal leather for every application, especially high traffic areas. Customers use  Avion for hospitality, residential, and corporate designs, yacht and automotive interiors, and for wall applications.

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