How Garrett Leather Defines Quality

Customers often tell us that Garrett Leather is a trusted resource because they can rely on receiving superior quality products, consistently. We take this responsibility very seriously. Garrett Leather upholds the strictest quality standards with thorough inspection procedures to ensure our customers receive the most valuable return on their investment.

Raw Material Selection

Superior quality leather begins with stringent raw material selection. Where the hides originate plays a major role in the quality of the final product. In South America, the warmer, drier climate causes hides to have more bug bites and other flaws, resulting in lower cutting yields. European hides, especially those from South Germany and Austria, provide the highest quality leather in the world.

All Garrett Leather products are produced from European hides for several reasons. First, artificial hormones are not used in Europe. Instead, the animals grow at a natural rate, resulting in a tighter, stronger fiber structure. Second, ideal climate conditions reduce the number of bug bites and other environmental markings to the hide. Third, the hides do not have brands. Ear tags are used as an alternative. Clean, European hides offer the highest value with maximum cutting yields and minimum waste.

Sorting and Grading

Upon arrival at the tannery, hides are inspected and sorted into different grades based on the type of hide and the number of markings on each hide. Bull hides are larger and have a stronger fiber structure than cowhide. Full grain products that maintain the natural surface grain require the highest grade of raw materials.

Responsible Tanning

While leather is tanned in many parts of the world, not all countries have the same human rights concerns, equal pay, or environmental initiatives. With improved technology and awareness, leather tanning has made tremendous strides in employing clean manufacturing processes that respect and protect the environment. Italy is at the forefront of those initiatives.


All Garrett leather is produced in Italy because Italy leads the world in producing the highest quality leather, while maintaining the highest standards for environmental responsibility. During the tanning process, non-toxic dyes and other natural and plant-based tannins used are carefully measured for each production run, so that virtually 100% of these products are absorbed into the leather hides. Garrett Leather’s exclusive Fiberdye® process ensures full dye penetration throughout all fibers of the hide, resulting in durable, lasting color. With a sophisticated water filtration system, remnant water generated by the tanneries is directed to special treatment facilities that return it to the environment actually cleaner than it originally started.

Natural Beauty

Garrett leather is a product of nature. Just like wood and stone, leather has unique characteristics that add to the beauty of the final product. Some examples of natural markings include neck wrinkles, stretch marks, healed scars, hair follicles, and a gradual change in grain. These markings are not only accepted, they are embraced as inherent qualities of genuine leather.

Inspection Procedures

Garrett Leather has invested in advanced inspection equipment in order to uphold the industry’s highest quality standards. Prior to leaving Italy, cuttings are sent to Garrett Leather to undergo numerous testing procedures. First, cuttings are checked using thickness calibers to confirm that the leather is produced to the proper thickness for that particular product. Second, a light box that features different types of light, including daylight, cool white florescent, a combination of daylight and cool white florescent, and incandescent light is used to inspect the color quality against the master sample. Third, the hand and finish qualities are carefully inspected to ensure the product meets its specifications. Once cuttings pass all quality tests, the dyelot is approved and released for shipping to Garrett Leather.


Upon arrival at Garrett Leather’s corporate headquarters, these same inspection procedures are repeated for the entire dyelot. In addition, hides are measured using a computerized measuring machine that scans the entire hide and confirms accurate square footage. Next, a photo spectrometer is used to measure the specific color values of the hide to ensure color consistency.


Finally, all hides are individually barcoded and hung on horses for the hides to “breathe” and relax. This special handling prevents wrinkles and creases from forming and maintains the integrity of the hide to maximize cutting yields and minimize waste.


Detailed records are kept for every dyelot of Garrett leather to maintain consistency. Each dyelot is graded based on overall quality and color. Garrett Leather documents the total square footage, average hide size, and the number of hides in every single dyelot to further assist our customers.


Prior to shipping leather to customers, hides are laid flat on a table and inspected one last time before being carefully rolled, tied, and packed. Custom shipping boxes are used to accommodate the size of the hides. These boxes reduce the amount of movement to prevent damage to the leather during transit and minimize shipping costs for our customers.

Quality Assurance

Garrett Leather strives for 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return unmarked and uncut hides for up to 30 days from the date of purchase.


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