Leather Buying Tips

As the economy slowly rebounds, it is important to find ways to stay within budget, under tighter time constraints, without sacrificing quality. Here are a few leather buying tips to consider before making your next purchase.

Always compare “apples to apples”
When choosing between leather vendors, make sure the products you are considering have the same properties. Find out, for example, where the products are tanned and what type of raw materials are used. The highest quality upholstery leather is made from European raw materials and is tanned in Italy.

Confirm lead times
The tanning process may take between six to twelve weeks to produce quality upholstery leather. However, that does not necessarily mean you have to wait that long for your order. Garrett has over two million square feet of superior quality leather ready to ship when you need it. Over 90% of orders ship within one business day of purchase.

Check minimum requirements
Many leather vendors do not accept half hide purchases, while others charge “cutting fees” to simply cut a hide in half. Garrett Leather accepts half hide orders without imposing any additional charges.

Be Cautious
Statements such as “No Charge for Overage” do not mean free leather. While this sounds like an enticing phrase, make sure you compare all costs. Most times, the square footage price is higher when overage is not charged.

Inquire about flameproofing costs
Many leather vendors impose an “upcharge” for treating leather to pass flammability requirements, driving up the square footage cost. Garrett’s products are treated at no additional charge. Over half of Garrett’s products are treated during the tanning process, so your leather may ship immediately.

Understand price points
Shop around and ask your leather vendor why prices are higher or lower than their competitors. While quality certainly plays a role in establishing prices, consider other factors that may be driving prices up, such as high overhead costs. We encourage you to shop and compare leather vendors to ensure you receive the best value. As a privately owned company, Garrett Leather provides the best value by keeping overhead costs down, without sacrificing quality.

If you choose a leather vendor other than Garrett, we would like to hear from you.  Please contact us to let us know what we can do to earn your business.

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