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With the arrival of Autumn, we look forward to a new season of style. This year, fashionistas and designers alike are drawn to soft textures, animal prints, and extraordinary patterns. Whether faux or genuine, animal hair-like fabric appears on jackets, pants, shoes and handbags along fashion runways around the world. Likewise, the current hot trend for interior designers this season is bold colors, metallic prints and natural materials. One of the most popular natural materials for upholstery is genuine leather. It’s no coincidence that Garrett Leather recently introduced the Capelli Collection, which encompasses all of the latest design trends to captivate our customers.


Capelli, which is Italian for hair, is a fitting name for our latest additions. There are many alternative names that are used throughout the industry to describe similar hides, such as “hairy hides”, “haired hides”, “hair-on hides”, etc.  These names tend to be used interchangeably and refer to leather that has the hair intact. This does not mean, however, that all haired hides look the same. On the contrary, there are many different types of haired hides, including natural, stenciled, solid, embossed, rolled, and laser-cut. So, remember to consider all of your options and always shop to compare. Here are a few helpful questions to ask during your selection process:

  • Are the hides natural or dyed?
  • Are the hides consistent? Will there be any variations in color and/or texture?
  • If there are variations, are photographs of the actual hides provided prior to purchasing?
  • What is the average hide size?
  • Are half hide sizes available? If so, is there an additional cutting fee?
  • Are the hides in stock?
  • What is the lead time?

As always, we are happy to answer these and any other leather questions you may have.

Happy Shopping!

Garrett Leather’s Capelli Collection is up for Interior Design’s Best of Year Product Awards and we need your vote! Find Capelli under the Textiles: Hospitality category. Vote now!


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