Yes! We Make Leather Rug Binding in over 600 Colors

Leather rug binding gives area rugs a refined finished look. Area rugs with a leather border offer aesthetic beauty, as well as excellent resistance to wear. In fact, many leathers develop a rich patina over time and will outlast the rug itself.

How Rug Binding is Made

Rug Binding begins with full hides of genuine leather. First, we calculate how many hides are required to fill the order. After we pull the leather, we cut the hides into strips using our computerized cutting machine. Each hide is laid flat on the cutting bed and secured in place with plastic to prevent the hide from moving during cutting. Next, we collect all of the cut strips and move to assembly in our workroom. It is there where we then use non-toxic, GREENGUARD certified adhesive to glue the ends of the strips together. Seams occur approximately 60 to 80 inches apart, depending on the leather. We reinforce the seams with additional adhesive on the back of the leather for extra durability. Lastly, we roll the finished product and ship it accordingly. We are happy to ship orders directly to workrooms or to rug manufacturers.


Variety of Options

We sell Rug Binding by the yard. When placing your order, you may choose from a variety of widths. Typically, widths range any where from two inches to up to ten inches. Since Rug Binding is made to order, you may specify the exact width you need.

Pricing varies depending on the size of your order (total number of yards), the width, and the type of leather you choose. We have hundreds of leather colors in a variety of looks and textures, including smooth grain, pebble grain, hair-on hide, high gloss finish, or matte finish. You may also order one of our embossed Impress patterns or Perforating patterns.

Capelli Specialty Navy Rug Binding

Lead Time

We make Rug Binding per your exact specifications. We fabricate all orders at our corporate headquarters.  Therefore, lead time is typically up to ten business days, depending on the size of the order and our production schedule. Most orders ship quicker. Embossed and perforated orders take up to five weeks.


Feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding any of our products and services.








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