Leather Suppliers: Top 10 Reasons to Change

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing leather suppliers. To help, here are 10 reasons to re-evaluate your leather supplier and work with Garrett Leather.

10. Missing Deadlines

Time is valuable. While you are often faced with tight time constraints, looming deadlines, and production schedules, your leather supplier should help ease the pressure, not add to it. If you are stressed about long lead times and potentially missing deadlines, then it’s time to change leather suppliers. Most of us don’t have the luxury of waiting 6 to 12 weeks for leather, so find a leather supplier that you can rely on to ship your leather to you when you need it.

Your leather should ship when you need it.

Leather suppliers should be able to work with your schedule, not just theirs.

9. Difficulty Finding Exactly What You Need

Sometimes it is not always possible to find the precise color you need. Therefore, find a leather supplier that can make it for you. Of course, when customization is required, disregard reason number 10. High quality custom colors take time to produce.

8. Disappointed in Durability

While leather has a reputation for durability, not all leather is created equally. For example, bi-cast leather and bonded leather do not provide the same durability as genuine leather. High quality genuine leather has an intricate, natural fiber structure that provides unmatched durability. Read our previous blog to learn more about the differences. If you’re looking for better quality, then it’s time to look for a different leather supplier.

7. Inadequate Color

Likewise, not all leather is dyed the same way. Make sure your leather supplier uses a process that results in true color permanence. Ideally, the color should penetrate all layers of the hide, without concealing any of the natural characteristics.

6. Mishandling

Furthermore, leather should be stored properly and handled with care. Hides should drape, breathe, and relax. In addition, wrinkles and creases should be kept to a minimum. Leather suppliers should not compromise quality by folding hides for shipping. If your leather arrives folded, then it’s time to look at other leather suppliers.

5. Environmental Concerns

Here’s another consideration, does your leather supplier care about our planet and practice responsible behavior? Many tanneries around the world have little or no regard for the earth. Different countries have different regulations. Some have none at all.  Learn more about your leather supplier to make sure they uphold the same standards that you do and work under the strictest of environmental regulations.

4. Buyer’s Remorse

Education is a key component to purchasing leather because not all types of leather are ideal for every type of installation. Many leather suppliers simply sell whatever you ask for, without discussion. You should always fully understand the pros and cons of the product you choose for your particular application. Find a leather supplier that will help you make informed decisions from start to finish.

3. Feeling Abandoned by Your Leather Suppliers

Are you getting the support you need? If not, find a leather supplier who will be there to help you every step of your buying journey. You deserve to feel supported and appreciated. Your leather supplier should be there for you from the initial introduction and help educate, provide samples and quotes, assist with purchases, and follow-up after your order ships. You deserve more than just a leather supplier. You deserve an advocate who will help you be successful.

2. Tired of Returning Poor Quality Hides

Quality is the one of the most important considerations when purchasing leather. Price should never be the sole determining factor. Always remember, there are many hidden costs involved in receiving poor quality leather. A lot of time and additional money is wasted when the shipment you receive does not meet your quality standards. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. On the flip side, the most expensive leather is not necessarily the best. So, be sure to ask a lot of questions. Go with the vendor that provides the highest quality, offers the most support, and provides the best overall value.

1. Looking for More Value

Finally, when considering leather vendors, look at the overall value you receive. We’re not talking about simple monetary value. We’re talking about total worth, merit, and importance. What is most important to you? Is it quality, accountability, and integrity? If you are not completely happy with the quality and service that you are receiving, turn to Garrett Leather because you deserve the best leather purchasing experience possible.

More than just a leather company.
Garrett Leather is your advocate working for your success.

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  1. Yusuf Prens

    Some excellent reasons here, people at times are so misinformed about different leather types and get given a poorer product. Hoping that the end consumer won’t be bothered form the wear over time.


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