NEW Cut-to-Pattern Program

Machine_LRGarrett Leather now has one of the most technologically advanced, computerized cutting systems in the industry. Garrett Leather provides precise cutting services for upholstery patterns of custom shapes and sizes. All hides are diligently inspected during every stage of the cutting process to ensure each pattern is cut to your exact specifications. All cut pieces are clearly labeled, sorted and packaged for your convenience, saving you precious time and valuable resources.

With Garrett’s new Cut-to-Pattern Program, customers receive:

· Superior quality with expert inspection
· Maximum cutting yields with little waste
· Consistent results with automated procedures
· Increased efficiency with organized packaging and labeling
· Cost savings on labor, inventory management and shipping


Cut to Pattern Procedures:

Digitizing | Each pattern is carefully outlined with a digitizing tablet cursor and converted into a precise electronic file. Each file is saved to retrieve for future cutting orders.*

Proofing | Three sets of proofs are cut on paperboard with graded areas clearly marked on each pattern. Two sets of proofs are returned to the customer for review and final approval.

Inspection | Upon receipt of approved and signed proofs, leather hides are pulled and closely inspected.

Grading | Each hide is evaluated and grade areas are determined and labeled. Non-cutting areas are clearly marked.

Scanning | The marked hides are placed flat on the scanning bed. A vacuum secures the hide in place while the computerized scanner scans the hide to show the hide size and acceptable cutting areas.

Nesting | The automated nesting feature places patterns within the acceptable cutting areas on the hide to maximize cutting yields and minimize waste. Adjustments are made manually if needed.

Cutting | The edges of the hide are sealed for extra security. Four different tools may be used including a cutting wheel, hole punch, notcher, and drag knife.

Packing | The cut patterns are collected and thoroughly inspected to ensure accuracy. Detailed labels are made to the customer’s specification and adhered to each pattern. The patterns are sorted and carefully boxed in an organized, secure manner to prevent damage during shipping.

* Garrett Leather will only digitize patterns on the agreement that Garrett Leather will also provide cutting services. Patterns digitized by Garrett Leather remain the property of Garrett Leather. Digitized files will not be provided to the customer. 

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