How To Personalize Your Client’s Leather with Digital Printing

When clients request personalized designs, whether in the form of corporate branding, word art, or photographs, consider digital printing. You may add corporate logos, word art, photographs, or just about any artwork to most of our leather collections. For example, we recently printed our logo and mission statement on leather for a wall panel in our conference room. In addition, we have printed  photographs on leather for furniture seating. With digital printing, your clients can have endless conversation pieces while enjoying superior durability and natural comfort.

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How Leather Wall Panels Transformed Buckhead Tower Lobby

Parmenter Realty hired Niles Bolton Associates to renovate the main lobby of Buckhead Tower. The lobby had polished metal and stone throughout the space. The stone walls were too dark and created a lot of glare. The client wanted the lobby to be brighter and have a more contemporary design. Most importantly, the client requested minimal disruption to the tenants in the building. Josh Bass, the lead interior designer, and the client agreed that leather wall panels would be the perfect solution. Consequently, the design team researched other vendors, but found their products to be cost-prohi

Save with Limited Editions. Order Today While Supplies Last.

Save today with our Limited Edition colors. It’s time for spring cleaning. We are making room for new products later this year and have over 50 colors readily available at special discounted prices. Enjoy big savings for you and your clients.

Save on Different Collections

Our Limited Edition colors span 12 different product collections. We have what you need. For example, we have leather that is suitable for high traffic areas. In addition, you may choose leather that is stingray or caiman embo

Add Branding to Your Leather with Laser Etching or Raised Embossing

Looking for a way to add branding to your leather? We can help. Garrett Leather can add your company name, corporate logo, mascot or graphic, tagline, or any combination to your leather. We offer two methods for personalizing your leather.

Branding with Laser Etching

One way to add branding to your leather is with laser etching. Laser etching burnishes the surface of the leather to create unique designs. This method works best for designs that feature fine lines. We recommend selecting a lighter color leather for higher contrast. For laser etching orders, you will receive ce

Microsoft Selects Alpine Tiles for Atlanta Location

Microsoft hired ai3 because of their hospitality expertise and approach. Ai3 created new spaces for Microsoft’s Technology Center, Customer Experience, and Employee Areas. The new space included a massive 52 foot curved wall. The design team considered other wall cladding treatments, but remembered seeing our 3D wall applications at BDNY. As a result, ai3 contacted us to discuss alternative options. We worked closely with Harcourt London and ai3 to develop a solution for this important structure. Microsoft and the design team agreed that This entry was posted in Case Studies on by . Read More

Add Patterns to Your Leather with Laser Etching

With laser etching, lasers are used to burnish the surface of the leather to create beautiful patterns and designs.The ordering process is easy. Simply select the leather, color, and pattern. For a subtle appearance, we recommend selecting a darker color leather. For a more bold look with high contrast, choose a lighter color leather. Laser etching is done on 70″ x 50″ center cut pieces of leather. Garrett Leather offers two standard options of laser etching.

With Custom Color Matching, You Get Exactly What You Need

While Garrett Leather maintains an extensive inventory, we also offer a variety of custom services, including color matching. If you cannot find the exact color that you need from our everyday offerings, please contact us. In most cases, we can make precisely what you need. The process is easy and we’ll help you every step of the way. We begin with what we have as a starting point. From there, we can determine what color is needed. For example, sometimes we have the perfect color, but it is not in the right product for your application. We will work with you to create the exact color

You Now have Hundreds of Color Options for Caiman Leather

Caiman is an accentuated, deeply embossed reptile pattern that is applied to upholstery leather for added texture. Whether for seating, furniture, or even wall coverings, this pattern brings any interior to life. Previously, Garrett Leather only offered this pattern on limited colors on our Distressed and Vintage collections. Due to popular demand, it is now part of our Impress collection, giving interior designers hundreds of addi