QR Codes: The Benefits of Scanning

QR Codes: Love ’em, Hate ’em or Just Plain Ignore ’em?

QR codes, or quick response codes, are growing in popularity as the use of smartphones and other mobile devices continue to skyrocket. They appear every where. QR codes may be found in numerous areas such as on print advertisements, product packages, and even billboards. Are you a fan and scan or do you just ignore them? Have you wondered what QR codes are? Many people find them very beneficial, hence their growing popularity.

How it works:  QR codes are unique bar codes that may be scanned with smartphones and other mobile devices. Scanning QR codes requires a few easy steps.

  • First, download a QR reader mobile app (these are available for free).
  • Next, open the app and point the device on the QR code until it is completely in the frame. Once the reader focuses on the QR code, it scans the code. 
  • Once the code is scanned, the user is directed to a specific web page.

As the name suggests, QR codes are an effective tool to allow users to “quickly respond”. Be forewarned, however, because not all QR codes are created equally. This entertaining video drives that point home.

Reap the benefits: “QR codes are brilliant, if used properly.” QR codes that are designed for a specific purpose can be very valuable to the user. Some codes direct users to earn discounts or direct users to streamline the purchasing process to save time. Other codes are used for contests that allow users to potentially earn FREE items. If you have ignored QR codes in the past, you may be missing out on opportunities to save time and money.

We invite you to share your opinion and tell us about what experiences you have encountered with QR codes. Please leave your comments below.

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