Our Collaboration with Wrapped Combines Art with Leather

We agree. That is why we developed the new Denizen collection in collaboration with the talented artists at Wrapped.

About Wrapped

Wrapped is a fine art studio known for creating original contemporary works of art. Their art pieces appear in luxury hotels, well-known corporations, and in private residences. They have worked with designers from Gensler, HOK and many others. We love their work and decided to collaborate with the artists at Wrapped to develop ten exclusive designs specifically for leather applications. The core basis for these designs are analog paintings and hand-drawings. We digitally print these bold designs onto center-cut pieces of our Cadence Swan leather. These beautiful designs maintain the characteristics of the original artwork. The detailed brush strokes and depth of color add a dramatic component to both furniture and wallcoverings. Take your interiors from “eh” to “wow” with Denizen.


Paying Tribute to the Artists’ Hometown

We named the collection Denizen, meaning inhabitant, in honor of the diverse body of people that make the city of Los Angeles so special. This collection attempts to showcase the many facets of Los Angeles. Each design is as unique as the neighborhoods which comprise the city. The artists received their inspiration from the different culture across the city, from the natural beauty of Topanga, to the street art in Dogtown, the home of Wrapped.

Celebrating Art and Diversity

With the Denizen collection, we pay tribute to diversity. Diversity throughout the beautiful city of Los Angeles, as well as our entire country and around the globe. We hope that these unique designs help to inspire, delight, and unite all.

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