The Value of Leather

During these challenging economic times, it may be difficult to find room in budgets to spend on leather. However, the additional money spent now may actually be the most cost-effective decision in the long run, because most quality leather tends to outlast other upholstery materials by up to five times longer. Many times leather is usable for generations, sometimes it even outlasts the furniture upon which it is upholstered!

Leather is a natural product that provides a stronger structural weave than many man-made products. Most man-made fabrics have a perpendicular patterned weave. Leather, on the other hand, has multiple layers of random fibers. These fibers provide superior strength and durability. Have you ever tried to puncture a hole into a piece of leather? It is not an easy task.

TorinoTM has a waterproof finish.

Many leather products are made to pass stringent abrasion, light fastness, and even flammability tests. Furthermore, most finished leather has water and stain repellents added, making leather an ideal option for high traffic areas.

In addition to the superior durability, using leather may also reduce maintenance costs. While some fabrics require harsh cleaning agents, most finished leather simply needs occasional light dusting with a slightly damp cloth. For spills, a clean, dry cloth should be used to blot the area immediately. A clean cloth, lukewarm water and a very mild soap may be used to treat an area with larger spots or stains. Leather should always be allowed to air dry naturally.

Leather has been known to last for generations, contributing to yet another cost-savings: replacement costs. You will not need to worry about re-upholstering again until you are ready. Until then, leather will develop a rich patina and wear beautifully for years to come.

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