Top 25 Garrett Leather Products

3Col-Top25Garrett Leather has experienced growth for 25 successful years. Superior quality and innovative craftsmanship sets Garrett’s products apart from the rest.

  1. Chatham is Garrett’s best-selling product, providing Italian full grain softness with a durable, matte finish and excellent resistance to wear.
  2. Avion is the best aviation leather, providing a soft hand and resilient finish.
  3. Arri is made to match original Ferrari® colors, with a smooth grain and exceptional durability.
  4. Torino has an inviting pebble grain with a durable, waterproof finish.
  5. Caressa provides Italian full grain softness with a subtle sheen.
  6. Sierra is buttery soft Italian full grain leather which ages to perfection.
  7. Mystique is hand-tipped Italian leather with gorgeous dual-tone colors and a durable finish.
  8. Mystique Croco is hand-tipped and crocodile embossed on whole hides for maximum cutting yields.
  9. Luxianna is Italian full grain leather with a smooth grain and light, organic finish.
  10. Kenya is soft Italian embossed nubuck, providing superior quality and higher cutting yields than standard suede.
  11. Newport Club is Italian full grain leather with a gorgeous hand and rich colors.
  12. Pearlessence provides Italian full grain softness with a durable finish in various metallic hues.
  13. Vintage is Italian full grain leather with exquisite mottling and gorgeous depth of color.
  14. Distressed provides Italian full grain comfort with a rich patina developing over time.
  15. Native provides hand-buffed ruggedness with beautiful depth of color.
  16. Natural Steerhides represent genuine cowhide, highlighting nature’s splendor.  No two hides look exactly alike.
  17. Specialty Steerhides feature innovative designs using creative methods such as laser cutting, metallic foiling and embossing.
  18. DiModa Cobra is Italian patent leather with a reptile pattern, providing beautiful texture and fashionable colors.
  19. DiModa Gatora is Italian patent leather embossed with an alligator pattern, providing a gorgeous luster and excellent resistance to wear.
  20. Shagarrett is stingray embossed leather on full hides without any plate lines.
  21. Leather Welt is available in any Garrett color for the perfect finish.
  22. Braided Welt adds a touch of elegance with Italian full grain leather and a durable cotton sewing allowance.
  23. Sheepskin provides unmatched comfort with either straight, ironed fleece or naturally curly fleece.
  24. Tubular Wovens add elegance without frustration, providing easy installation with no seams.
  25. Garrett Wovens are simply the best in the industry. Garrett Wovens consist of 31 patterns of Italian full grain leather with a durable cotton fabric backing. Each pattern is 54 inches wide, providing for the industry’s widest cutting allowance for applications such as wall coverings.


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