Top 25 Reasons to buy from Garrett Leather

  1. Superior Italian Quality. Garrett Leather knows you deserve the best. Shop and compare!
  2. Variety. Garrett Leather fits your exact needs with over 25 different leather products.
  3. Color. Find the perfect hue with more than 500 color options.
  4. Simplicity. Make your selection process easier with free samples.
  5. Be informed. Garrett’s knowledgeable and responsive sales representatives will answer all of your questions.
  6. Real people. Receive friendly greetings from a live receptionist, not an automated answering machine.
  7. Exceptional service. Garrett’s unparalleled customer service department processes your orders quickly and accurately.
  8. No hidden costs. Purchase half hides without incurring additional cutting fees.
  9. Convenience. Purchase all materials together including leather, welt, matching thread, leather marking pens, and care products.
  10. Customize. Inquire about custom capabilities if you cannot find what you need.
  11. Care. Garrett Leather stores hides properly on horses to prevent creases and wrinkles.
  12. Within budget. Keep projects within budget with competitive pricing.
  13. On time. Meet your deadlines. Orders ship within two business days.
  14. Get results. Issues are addressed immediately and professionally.
  15. Anywhere. Shop anywhere at showrooms worldwide.
  16. Anytime. Shop anytime at
  17. Free Boutique Items. Qualify to earn free items from Garrett Boutique.
  18. Reduce waste. Garrett’s superior quality and large hide sizes maximize cutting yields.
  19. Breathe easy. Leather is an ideal option for allergy sufferers who may be allergic to dust in fabric.  Most products are GREENGUARD certified.
  20. Comfort. Leather is porous and “breathes” by adjusting to body temperature in different climates.
  21. Durability.  Leather’s intricate natural fibers provide exceptional flexibility,
    strength and durability that cannot be duplicated with any man-made product.
  22. Easy maintenance. Keep leather looking beautiful simply with water and mild soap.
  23. Reduce costs. Leather is known to last up to five times longer than fabric, reducing replacement costs.
  24. Invest in longevity. Leather ages beautifully, becoming softer and even more comfortable over time.
  25. Join the family. Garrett Leather remains individually owned and privately operated.

Come see for yourself what Garrett Leather is all about!
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