Impress Your Clients with Unique Leather Wall Coverings

One way you can really impress your clients is to use leather for wall coverings and other vertical surfaces. Leather provides beautiful color and texture, added warmth, reduced noise, and exceptional durability. Previously, we published a step-by-step guide for our Wall Panels and Wall Tiles. With our Wall Panels and Wall Tiles, there are many ways to make each project unique with buttons, beveled edges, nail heads, and decorative stitching. Today, we’re going to review a few additional unique wall covering options that are sure to impress your clients.

Cast Panels

Like the Wall Panels we discussed in our last blog, Cast Panels are made with an MDF substrate. Cast Panels, however, are different because we combine bold lines and shadow play with a routed design on the surface. Cast Panels come in different designs and styles. You can mix and match panels with a “V” or “X” pattern to create a unique layout or to draw the eye in different directions. Choose from three sizes and hundreds of leather colors. Installation is easy. We include detailed instructions and all installation materials with every order.

Cast Panels

Pitched Panels

You may also add dimension to your vertical surfaces by using Pitched Panels. These lightweight, aluminum panels are fireproof to meet industry standards. Create added depth and intrigue by mixing and matching flat and pitched panels. Choose from three sizes and hundreds of leather colors.

Pitched Panels install easily with a vertical rail system. Simply secure the rails to the wall surface and hook the panels into the rail system. All installation materials and detailed instructions are included with every purchase.

Pitched Panels

Alpine Tiles

Alpine Tiles overlap to create a beautiful three dimensional pattern. The designers who fabricate these tiles were inspired by the Italian Alps. Hence, the name Alpine Tiles. Since their introduction, however, other designers have interpreted these unique wall coverings in many different ways for various projects. With literally hundreds of leather colors, Alpine Tiles can represent numerous themes, depending on the room setting and color palette. For example, Alpine Tiles in colors of blue, teal, and green may represent mermaid scales. Other colors may convey the idea of reptile skin. Our favorite interpretation for these tiles was the Georgia pine cone, a nod to the home of Microsoft’s Technology Center.

Alpine Tiles consist of leather adhered to fire-rated PVC backer. The flexible substrate allows for the tiles to be mounted on a slightly curved surface. Decorative stitching is also optional. Installation is easy. We include all installation materials and detailed instructions with every purchase.

Alpine Tiles | Microsoft Technology Center, Atlanta

How to Order

The process for ordering these three products is slightly different than ordering our standard Wall Panels and Wall Tiles. Once we receive all of the required information, we will calculate the number of panels or tiles needed and provide a CAD drawing of the layout for approval. We need the following information to provide a final layout and price for the project.

  • Dimensions of the vertical space
  • Style – Cast Panel, Pitched Panel, or Alpine Tile
  • Size – Choose size(s) for Cast Panel or Pitched Panel. Alpine Tiles are one size only
  • Leather – Choose leather product(s) and color(s)
  • Decorative Stitching  – Optional for Alpine Tiles. Choose thread color(s)

Again, installing all three of these types of wall coverings is easy. We include all installation materials and detailed instructions with every order for these products. Let us help you impress your clients. Contact us today to discuss your next project.

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