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We encourage interior designers, upholsterers, furniture manufacturers, and other leather industry partners to apply for VIP website membership. We sell to-the-trade. Therefore, you must submit an application in order to be considered for VIP website membership. Once approved, you will have access to information that is not available to the general public. As a VIP website member, you will enjoy the following exclusive benefits.

Check Inventory

Arguably the most convenient benefit to VIP website membership is the ability to check stock. We are known for our extensive inventory and quick shipping. In fact, we have a Guaranteed In Stock program that includes over 250 colors. One of most common questions we receive is “how much do you have in stock?” As a VIP member, you 24/7 access to our inventory details. Simply navigate to the product of your choice and click on “View Inventory”. You will see a list of all current dyelots that are in stock, total square footage, average hide size, and dyelot numbers. We update this information on a daily basis.

We have over two million square feet of leather in stock

Place Leather on Reserve

Upon request, we will reserve a specified amount of leather for up to ten business days. As a VIP website member, you may place leather on reserve online. Simply navigate to the appropriate product and select the “Buy Now” button. Click on the radio button for “Reserve” and enter the quantity you would like to put on hold. Click the “Buy Now” button again and proceed to checkout. Enter your information and make sure the total showing in the cart is zero. The items in the cart should be listed as Reserve and not Purchase.  Click on the “I accept the terms and conditions” box and select “Place order now” button. There is no charge to place leather on reserve.

Check Prices

Another benefit to VIP website membership is the ability to check prices. Again, navigate to a specific product to view the price. Click on “View Volume Discounts” to see discounted prices based on square footage quantities.

Calculate Freight Quotes

For your convenience, VIP website members may also view freight quotes online. If you are looking for a quote for freight, complete the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the product of your choice.
  2. Click on the “Buy Now” button,.
  3. Click on the radio button for “Purchase”.
  4. Add the quantity.
  5. If applicable, select Services to add embossing, perforating or skiving.
  6. Select “Add and Continue Shopping” to add more products or select “Buy Now” to proceed to checkout.
  7. Click the Checkout button on the Shopping Cart screen. Do not worry, you will not get charged at this point.
  8. On the Checkout screen, you can enter your shipping address and view shipping methods and costs. Here, you can see the order total, including products, taxes (if applicable) and freight.

Place Orders Online

As a VIP website member, you may purchase our products online, even during non-business hours. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. If you have credit terms with us, you may place orders on your account and we will send an invoice. You may also pay by check or by wire transfer. Most orders ship within two business days of purchase. Orders that are paid by check or wire transfer will ship once we receive payment.

In addition, you may manage multiple billing and shipping addresses and view previous online orders. If you have any questions, you may contact us with our Live Chat feature.

It’s time for you to enjoy these exclusive membership benefits. Apply today!






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