What Inspires You?

At Garrett Leather, we find many sources for inspiration when developing new products and searching for the perfect colors. From stylish fashions to breathtaking nature scenes, we are always embracing our surroundings and translating them into beautiful leathers.
Garrett Leather is ringing in 2014 with the introduction of 18 rich, new colors, inspired by the finer things in life: champagne, diamonds, pearls, gourmet cheese, chocolate truffles, private jets, show horses and caviar. We took these elegant pleasures and indulgences and translated them into gorgeous leather colors to expand our popular Caressa, Avion and DiModa Gatora collections. With the soft hand, alluring texture and ultimate comfort that these leathers provide, it was only natural to name them our Luxury Leathers.
We are always looking for new sources of inspiration. Tell us, what inspires you?

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