Saddle Leather: What is it and how can you use it?

Saddle Leather is a unique product that you may use for a variety of upholstery applications. It is heavier and thicker compared to most upholstery leathers. Some people may be intimidated by its thickness, however, its thickness does not limit its use. On the contrary, it is very versatile. So, put aside your fears. Let’s look into how our Saddle Leather is made and how you can use it for your next project.

How Saddle Leather is Made

We invested in thorough research to develop a product that met our high quality production and performance standards. First, we explored different raw materials. Our Saddle Leather is made from Spanish bulls from a region near Barcelona. Our research indicated that Spanish bulls provide the largest and cleanest working area and have the most consistent thickness throughout each hide. Tanneries located in Tuscany Italy purchase these superior quality raw materials. They use chestnut tannins from Eastern Europe and Mimosa from Argentina to create this full grain, vegetable tanned leather. All of these quality ingredients give the leather its sturdy hand and exceptional durability. Finally, they complete the process with a light, anti-bacterial finish to protect the leather against general wear and stains.

Our Saddle Leather is significantly thicker and heavier than our other upholstery leathers. It weighs approximately 7 ounces per square foot and ranges between 2.8-3.0 mm in thickness. The average hide size is 22 square feet.

Popular Uses of Saddle Leather

Saddle leather, also known as belting leather or strapping leather, is very versatile. Let’s explore some of the creative ways you can use this unique product.


Furniture is the most popular application for this product. Due to its thickness, Saddle Leather is ideal for specific styles of furniture, such as weight bearing seating or strap chairs. You may use a large, single piece for a butterfly style chair. Another option is to use multiple pieces, as seen on an iconic Wassily™ chair. Alternatively, you may cut the leather into strips and weave them together for a more dramatic look.

In addition to seating, you may use Saddle Leather on headboards, ottomans, desk inlays and counter tops. The smooth grain provides a nice writing surface for desktops and counters.

Wall Applications

While the smooth grain lends itself well for horizontal surfaces, it is also an great option for vertical applications. For example, it is an excellent option for the front of a reception desk or a large wall. Due to its thickness, you may adhere the leather directly to the final surface, without any additional backer. We can cut the leather into a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your specific application.

Small Leather Goods

Finally, while Saddle Leather is primarily intended for upholstery applications, we must admit that it is also an beautiful material for small leather goods. Whether for handbags, wallets, business card holders, or leather coasters, Saddle Leather makes the ordinary extraordinary. We can skive the leather to reduce its thickness to what you need for your specific project.


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