Our Company

For more than 30 years, interior designers, upholsterers, and manufacturers have used our products for private and corporate aircraft; corporate, hospitality, and residential interiors; luxury motor coaches, automobiles, and private yachts. We are a privately-owned company dedicated to building relationships and earning our customers' loyalty by providing the highest quality leather and a superior customer experience. We maintain strong relationships with the most elite tanneries in Italy and work together to create the most beautiful, innovative leather products for our customers. 

Our values are integrity, accountability, respect, caring, and creativity. 

Our distinctions

  • Quality

    Our leather collections are sourced from the highest quality raw material selections throughout Europe. The European Union leads the world in passing legislation that protects farmed animals from cruel treatment. The use of artificial growth hormones is strictly prohibited. Animals grow at normal rates and are allowed to graze on natural grass in spacious, open fields. Under these natural conditions, the integrity of the fiber structure is stronger and intact without any damage caused by unnatural growth rates, barbed wires, or brands.

  • Handling

    We uphold precise handling standards to maintain the superior quality of your leather. Dyelots are stored on wooden horses to allow the hides to breathe, relax, and to protect against wrinkles and creases from forming.

  • Availability

    When you are up against tight deadlines and production schedules, you can depend on us. With our Guaranteed In Stock program, over 250 popular leather colors are always ready to ship within two business days of purchase for quantities up to 1000 square feet of one dyelot. In addition, we maintain an extensive inventory of more than 600 colors, so your leather is available when you need it.

  • Superior Service

    Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We care about your challenges. To help make leather purchasing easy, we provide global support and professional, personalized service with dedicated sales and customer service teams. You may chat live with our customer service representatives during regular business hours here on our website. Professional representatives will answer all of your questions and promptly send samples upon request.

  • High Cutting Yields

    Our superior quality, extra large hides provide higher cutting yields with minimal waste.

  • Half Hide Minimums

    We accept half hide orders without imposing any additional cutting fees.

  • Fiberdye® Color

    Specify our products with confidence. Our exclusive Fiberdye® is the dyeing process that results in true color permanence. Fiberdye® penetrates all layers of the hide, producing deep, vibrant, durable colors. It conceals none of the natural characteristics or markings.

  • Flammability Tested

    Most of our products are treated to pass industry flammability requirements during the tanning process, at no additional charge. Certification is available upon request.

  • LeatherShield Protection

    LeatherShield was developed to help you select the appropriate type of leather for different applications. This special classification is designated to a select group of our products that are made to withstand the demands of high traffic areas. These products are treated during the tanning process to provide flame, water, and stain resistance, as well as UV and anti-bacterial protection. All LeatherShield colors are GREENGUARD Certified.

  • Custom Color Capabilities

    If you are looking for a specific color or type of finish that is not part of our standard offerings, please contact us. We have an in-house color laboratory where technicians create strike-offs of custom color requests. Upon your approval, these samples are sent to our partner tanneries in Europe for full dyelot production.

  • Environmentally Responsible

    We believe that everyone should cherish our planet and practice responsible behavior to protect the earth for future generations. We expect the same from our vendors, so we are very particular about their practices as well. We partner only with tanneries that take this responsibility very seriously. Leather tanning has made tremendous strides in recent decades in the area of environmental responsibility. The European Union leads the world in enforcing strict guidelines to protect the environment. Natural minerals and water-based finishes are used in the production of our collections. Water treatment plants in Italy purify water waste to eliminate pollutants. While there are many resources for leather throughout the world, we will not lower our standards.

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