Wall Applications Information



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Wall Panel Patterns


Download our Wall Applications brochure. Pattern layouts included for inspiration.

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Installation Instructions


Learn how to install Wall Panels, Woven Panels, and Wall Tiles using drilled boards, Fast Mount, and Rails. 

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Harcourt London Installation Instructions


Learn how to install Alpine Tiles, Cast Panels, and Pitched Panels using contact cement, 3M Dual Lock, z-clip system, or drywall adhesive. 

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Architectural Drawings


Unsure how to install Wall Panels around a corner or above a baseboard? Our architectural drawings show you how.

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CSI Guidelines

This document was professionally written in compliance with CSI guidelines (Construction Specifications Institute) to make specifying wall applications even easier.

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 Wall Panels | Woven Panels | Wall Tiles | Alpine Tiles | Cast Panels | Pitched Panels