Frequently Asked Questions

What are your VIP membership requirements?

Garrett Leather sells to-the-trade only. In order to be considered for online membership, applicants must be from an established business and provide a website address and/or a resale number. All applications are reviewed and evaluated on a weekly basis. Every applicant will be notified whether or not membership is approved.

How do I convert yardage into square footage?

One 54-inch fabric yard is equal to 18 square feet of leather, including waste factor. Multiply your yardage by 18 to get the total number of square feet.

Are your prices net or retail?

All prices quoted are net.

How may I pay for my order?

We accept all major credit cards. Proforma or COD certified options are available for first time customers. Net terms may be established upon credit approval after the first order.

May I purchase a half hide?

Yes. We have a half hide minimum purchase for most of our in-stock leathers. There are no "up charges" or "cutting fees" for this service.

Do you sell garment leather?

We specialize in upholstery leather. Our leathers range in weight between two and five ounces per square foot.

Is there a fee for your samples?

No. We send samples to qualified customers at no charge.

May I reserve leather?

Yes. Upon request, we will hold your specified amount of leather for up to ten business days.

Inventory is showing less than what I need. May I still place an order?

Yes! Inventory listed on this website is updated at the end of each business day and does not reflect “real-time” inventory. We receive and ship products daily, so we may have more stock available to ship than what is listed. If we cannot ship your order right away, we will contact you with the expected lead time.

I require a special color. Can you match it?

Send us the piece you are trying to match. We can provide you with our closest colors from our extensive inventory or produce a custom match for your approval.

Why am I missing some products in my sample set?

Specialty items such as Garrett Wovens, Capelli Natural, Capelli Stenciled, Capelli Specialty, Glam Sheepskin, and Sheepskin are not part of color sample sets, unless specifically requested.

What is the difference between samples and cuttings?

Samples are pre-cut from various dyelots to show product characteristics. Cuttings are cut from current dyelots in stock upon request, for exact color approval.

What size sample will I receive?

The standard sample size is 4 inch square. Larger sizes are available upon request. If larger samples are required, please note the size requested in the Notes box when submitting your order.

How quickly will I receive my leather?

All in-stock orders will be filled and shipped within two business days of purchase.

What is your return policy?

We accept all uncut and unmarked hides within 30 days of purchase. Please call in advance to receive authorization. 

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