Guaranteed In Stock

Guaranteed In Stock

 Garrett Leather's Ready to Ship Guarantee

All standard colors of our five most popular collections are guaranteed ready to ship within two business days for quantities up to 1000 square feet of one dyelot, or your order will ship for FREE. 

Avion Collection Berkshire Collection Caressa Collection Chatham Collection Distressed Collection
Avion Berkshire Caressa Chatham Distressed

If inventory requirements cannot be met, substitute colors may be offered. The lowest price will be honored and Garrett Leather will ship your order for free. 

Free shipping will be via UPS Ground within the continental United States. International orders will ship free via UPS Expedited Worldwide. 

Many say they have inventory, only Garrett Leather guarantees it! 

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Guaranteed In Stock ColorsStandard colors do not include limited editions or discontinued items.

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