Our Team

Account Executives

Gina Harper

Gina Harper: Pacific Northwest

Based in Seattle, Gina has strong design industry knowledge and years of experience. She will be working directly with all Garrett Leather clients throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Piat OrendainPiat Orendain: Northern California

Piat is a road warrior committed to meeting the unique needs of every client.  She is very active with all local chapters of IIDA Northern California and is currently on the Board of NEWH SF.  She loves serving her community with style and always finds a way to have fun at the same time.

Amy Ericson

Amy Ericson: Central California

Amy has a passion for interior design and has worked in the industry for many years. She loves being involved in the design process and helping clients during every stage of each project.

Kristin DeriegKristin Derieg: Southern California

Kristin is an experienced sales professional with a degree in Interior Architecture. She is passionate about cultivating and nurturing relationships with interior designers, architects, manufacturers, and purchasing agents.

Corbin Perkins

Corbin Perkins: Northern Texas, Oklahoma, and Northern Louisiana

Corbin has over 15 years of experience in textiles within the A & D community. He excels at working with clients as a solutions provider and is passionate about developing positive rapport with prospective and existing customers.

Libby Stanton

Libby Stanton: Southern Texas and Southern Louisiana

Libby earned her degree in interior design and has more than 20 years of experience working in the A&D industry. She has dedicated her career to providing attentive, client-focused service to her customers.

Grace Rek

Grace Brown Rek: Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana

Grace spent many years at Garrett Leather's headquarters learning every aspect of the business. She moved to Chicago and enjoys meeting customers face-to-face to promote the family business.

Matt Lubs

Matt Lubs: New England

Matt has extensive sales experience and solid relationships with architects, designers, and contractors throughout his territory. He is attentive to customers and offers his expertise during each stage of the project.

Oscar Burgos

Oscar Burgos: New York Showroom Manager

Oscar has extensive experience in both outside sales and showroom management. As a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Oscar is thrilled to be back at the Decoration & Design Building to assist designers in finding the perfect products.

Lucia Portali Waters

Lucia Portali Waters: Manhattan

Lucia is very passionate about leather and has comprehensive knowledge of many aspects of the leather industry. She also ran her own art and design business and has extensive experience working with designers, architects and purchasing agents throughout the A&D community.

Kathan LaRose

Kathan LaRose: Greater New York Region

After spending a year in customer service at corporate headquarters, Kathan moved to New York City to work with local customers. She excels at building strong business relationships and exceeding customers' expectations.

Ailene Werner

Ailene Werner: Mid-Atlantic

Ailene is a seasoned professional in the architecture and design industry. She is an accomplished hospitality designer. Ailene brings a strong work ethic and great industry connections to Garrett Leather.

Heather Leopold

Heather Leopold: Southeast

Heather is an experienced professional spending many years in the textiles industry with many well-known brands. Her enthusiasm and passion for design enable her to assist clients with an incredible amount of energy and personal service.

Kristen Lentowicz

Kristen Lentowicz: Northern Florida

Kristen earned her degree in interior design and is an invaluable resource for our customers. She has a full understanding of the design process and possesses comprehensive knowledge of leather applications.

Patricia Civil

Patricia Civil: Southern Florida

Patricia has strong A&D relationships from her years in sales with a fabric company. Prior to joining Garrett Leather, she specified artwork and mirrors within the hospitality industry. Patricia loves promoting Garrett Leather to all industries within her territory.

Paula CavallinPaula Cavallin: Ontario and Quebec

Paula has worked in the A & D community for over 25 years and has been involved with many exciting projects. She has a passion for interior design and loves working with her clients.  Paula is looking forward to building relationships with clients in Ontario and Quebec. 

Corporate Headquarters

Max Brown

Max Brown, President

Max Brown represents the second generation of the company. After a decade of managing various departments throughout the organization, he was ready to take the helm. He continues to lead the company with the founding ideals firmly in place.   

Bridget ForthBridget Forth, Vice President of Finance

Bridget earned her Master's degree in accounting from St. Bonaventure University and passed the CPA exam. For over 20 years, she has managed the finances for the company and has kept us in the black.

John Sansano

John Sansano, Vice President of Operations

John has 20 years of experience in logistics and operations management. He oversees all shipping, receiving, and quality control procedures. He is Six Sigma Black Belt certified and excels at improving productivity and inventory accuracy.

 Jennifer Coleman

Jennifer Coleman, Vice President of Aviation Sales

For over 25 years, Jennifer has nurtured and grown our aviation business to record levels. Her dedication and commitment to exceeding customers' expectations are simply unparalleled.

Ed Berowski

Ed Berowski, Vice President of Sales

Ed Berowski manages our international showrooms and some of our Account Executives. He travels extensively to ensure our extended team is fully updated, proficient, and equipped to provide customers with the resources they need.

Roberta Sand

Roberta Sand, Director of Marketing

For more than two decades, Roberta has helped to build and promote the Garrett Leather brand. She is responsible for planning and directing all marketing initiatives, including sales collateral, digital platforms, public relations, and special events.

Dominic Ricotta

Dominic Ricotta, Sales Manager

Dominic manages our independent sales representatives and some of our Account Executives. He keeps our sales team updated and informed on new products and services and provides assistance on projects as needed.

 Mike O'Connor

Mike O'Connor, Sampling Manager

Mike has been fulfilling sample orders for numerous years and has a thorough understanding of our products. He is detailed-oriented and has exceptional organizational skills to ensure all samples are sent in a timely and professional manner.

Paul Rose

Paul Rose, Special Projects Manager

Paul is responsible for planning, quoting, and handcrafting Wall Panel orders. He also manages the procurement of other special projects such as Welt Cord, Rug Binding, and leather fringe. 

Michelle Nasca

Michelle Nasca, Client Services Manager

Michelle oversees the entire customer service team. She provides regular training and support to ensure all of our customers enjoy the best leather purchasing experience possible.

Joy Mattice

Joy Mattice, Transportation Client Services

Joy works diligently to provide customers with exceptional service. She believes in giving each customer her personal attention and remains receptive and thorough in all of her interactions.

Melissa FaysonMelissa Fayson, Transportation Client Services

Melissa Fayson has more than ten years of experience and an impressive track record of providing outstanding customer service. She is dedicated to giving the best service possible to every single client.

Kim Miller

Kim Miller, Transportation Client Services

Kim is a great listener and gives her undivided attention to every customer. She is responsive to requests and detail-oriented in her work.

Amy Over

Amy Over, A&D Client Services

Amy joins our team with over ten years of experience in customer relations. She faces challenges with a can-do attitude, while maintaining her friendly demeanor.

Jennifer MacQueenJennifer MacQueen, A&D Client Services

Jennifer joined the Garrett team with almost 20 years of experience. She is meticulous in her work and excels at going above and beyond for her customers.

Amy Orzechowski

Amy Orzechowski, A&D Client Services

Amy is a seasoned professional who provides friendly and prompt service on a consistent basis. She truly cares about her customers and shows determination in making sure her customers' needs are met. 

NancyJane Lipinczyk

NancyJane Lipinczyk, A&D Client Services

NancyJane has a way of putting a smile on everyone's face with her positive attitude and enthusiasm. Her true passion is customer service. NancyJane loves working directly with customers and helping them in every way that she can.

Alea LourkounisAlea Kourkounis, A&D Client Services

Alea is thorough in her work and proactively strives to ensure orders are processed quickly and accurately. She tackles challenges calmly and efficiently with her soft-spoken demeanor and professionalism.

Adair LuhrAdair Luhr, A&D Client Services

Adair has extensive experience working in both residential sales and customer relations. She has received numerous awards for providing exceptional service.

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